Reference Material : Radio, TV and Video Recordings Links to video and audio recordings which feature canal related songs. A Cry from the Cut - A radio ballad broadcast in 1962. Full recording. A Musical Canal Celebration with Mike Harding and The Spinners. A television programme first broadcast on BBC 2 on 17 February 1983. Full video recording. Tales from the Towpath A radio programme about the building of the Manchester Ship Canal. Broadcast in 1997. Full recording. They Brought the Sea to Manchester A radio programme broadcast to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Manchester Ship Canal. Full recording. Reflections on the Canal Originally a radio programme written by Nick Dow, Mally Dow and Ron Baxter, this was subsequently released as a tape and then a CD. Full recording. They're Coming Back to the Water A video of the show by Jeff Dennison and Benny Graham, performed at Stoke Bruerne Canal Museum in 1998. Songs from the Back Cabin A video performance of five of Phil Underwood's original songs. Filmed in 2020 on his narrowboat when a scheduled performance at the Easter Boat Gathering at the National Waterways Museum had to be cancelled due to the Covid pandemic.
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