Tales from the Towpath A Radio Programme Tales from the Towpath was a BBC Radio 2 programme first broadcast on 27 May 1997. It tells the story of the building of the Manchester Ship Canal. A recording of the programme can be heard here. The programme was narrated by Mike Harding. It featured : Music by The Albion Band Ashley Hutchings, bass/vocals Chris While, guitar/vocals Julie Matthews, keyboards/vocals Joe Broughton, fiddle Brass by the Bridgewater Brass Ensemble Actors from the Mikron Theatre Company Mike Lucas Yashty McLachlin Joanne McGowan Richard Poval Edmund Harcourt Programme schedule : Intro Song : 36 miles Away from the Sea Narrative Song : Tales of the Towpath Narrative Song : We Can't Get the Wares Away Narrative Song : The Ganger's Wife Narrative Song : Your Loving Son, Dan Narrative Song : Big Ditch Flood Narrative Song : 36 miles away from the sea (cont'd) Narrative Song : 36 miles away from the sea (cont'd) Narrative/The opening! Song : A Modern Marvel