Water Gypsies by Ray Bradfield Chorus : They call us water gypsies But we don't care what they say Folks on the banks, never give any thanks For the trade we're bringin' their way We may be water gypsies But we all 'ave 'omes of our own Tho' they may be cramped, in the light of a lamp They'll be fit for a Queen on a throne We takes our loads where we finds 'em But all that glistens ain't gold Coals always dirty, no need to get shirty When you're shovelling it out of the 'old It may take a day or two's cleaning 'Til our boat gleams like a new pin Oh we're not complaining, save some for when it's raining And some to get a round in! This life ain't always a picnic In fact it can get pretty 'ard Sometimnes in the summer there ain't enough water To fill up the locks from the pound If we gets behind with the cargo Then there's the reckoning to pay Toll clerks get grumpy and threaten to thump me When we're striving to be on our way Now we're all one travelling family All up and down the canals News passes quickly from lock to lock Of the birthings and matchings and funerals! But we all meet up at the rally Everyone tried to turn out All tied up together, like birds of a feather We know 'ow to 'push the boat out' Recorded on :
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