The Swan Song © Tony Haynes 1975 Swan, what do you see Swan, when you see me? Pardon me for being so bold I won't disturb your noble world I've come in peace to feel your power Please let me stay for just this hour Canal so overgrown Canal what have we done You served us well in years gone by When horse drawn barges used to ply Their loads of timber coal and stone From Lancaster to Kendal town Now a motorway Has carved it's mindless way Across your contour winding track Where six lane asphalt broke your back And engine's roar and pass you by And man ignores you while you die Swan what do you find Swan have we lost our minds For progress sake must we destroy Why can't we build and still enjoy The peaceful times of by-gone days I am ashamed to meet your gaze Swan what do you see Swan, when you see me? The above lyrics and recording have kindly been provided by Tony Haynes. The following passage is taken from a description of an associated YouTube video. Written in 1975 during an hour break on a heavy haulage journey from Watford to Glasgow. When they built the M6 in about 1966, instead of bridging the old Lancaster canal, they culverted it, leaving oxbows of derelict canal on either side of the motorway. It is much the same today, although there is a scheme to restore the upper reaches, if they can get the money, by bypassing two of the culverts and dropping the canal beneath the motorway at Tewitfield by moving the top lock in the flight from the east to the west side. I really hope this happens.
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