Stuck On My Boating Life by John Hayward Chorus: I’m stuck on my boating life I narrowboat through locks Where country meets the city From fields to urban docks I’m stuck on my boating life The towpath, bridge and quay I know that it’s forever It’s the only life for me I know my friends don’t envy me They think it’s very strange For they’ve a house and car and kids And never want to change But I know the restrictions Of debt and a career I’m gonna stay forever I always will be here Chorus As years go by I know that I Will always want to roam North to south and east to west Where’s I moor my home I’ll go along my chosen path Until my dying day Spread my ashes on the Union I want to go that way Chorus The sleeve notes state that the idea for this song came from a visit to Florida where songs about the joys of local life and location abound. If Miami and its climate, the Keys and the easy life - then why not Walsall and the canal? Recorded on :
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