A New Song in Honour of the Proprietors of the Navigation Come all you Britons Old and Young Who love to see this great work done That is in England now begun, This noble Navigation Where you have all things at command See vessels sailing thro' the land, The richness of your lab'ring hand Will bring Honour and Glory. This work begun in Yorkshire, Were you to see you'd then admire, Hundreds of lab'ring men they hire For this noble navigation. If a man he be in want, And for Money have great occasion, Be not afraid but take a spade, There's money at th'Navigation. Britons rejoice do not lament, But praise the king and Parliament, Brings every true subject content, For this act of Navigation. God bless George the third our king, The lab'ring men rejoice and sing, That'ell make the hills and valley's ring, For this act of Navigation. Where you may sail from shore to shore, To every part the world o'er, From other lands may bring their store, To every part of England. You misers that does lay up gold, I would have you to be so bold, For 'tis as good as the freehold, If you lay it o'th Navigation. But what think you by those brave men, Who subscribe their money and take it again, Are they worthy of any fame, Or to live in Great Britain. No more I'll add, but ever praise, And with them happy days, Glory and honour give always, To these noble Undertakers. Taken from a pamphlet or broadside printed around 1770. This is probably referring to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.
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