In Steam by Buz Collins Five o'clock this morning I woke up with the crew An hour 'til departure and plenty still to do A bottle for the firebox 'till the coal it starts to gleam And in five and forty minutes there's a hundred pounds of steam The boiler's warming nicely so I go round with the oil Watch the sight glass closely as the water starts to boil Hitch up to the butty and cast off both the lines The day is just now breaking as the sun it starts to shine Chorus : (And we're) in steam, in steam To see the smoke arising, see the faces beam To be in steam, in steam To feel the pistons pounding, oh isn't it a dream To be in steam, in steam, in steam We head out of the basin, leave City Road behind One pull on the bell now as the water starts to wind Riding over bridge 'oles and easing round the bends Climbing up the lock flights with the help of all our friends A long blast on the whistle and the way ahead is clear Not many miles to go now for our destination's near Soon we'll tie our lines up and tuck into some grub And after that, no doubt, another evening in the pub The boiler's cooling slowly and the pressure starts to fall Clean the firebox out and throw the ash over the wall Close the doors and hatches, put the shafts and cans away Just a few hour's sleep before another working day A song about the ex Fellows, Morton and Clayton steam narrowboat 'President' which was bought and restored by the Black Country Living Museum in 1983. Recorded on :
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