Codebreakers - Buz Collins Private Recording (2001) 1 Crazy Weather All songs by Buz Collins 2 The Bravest Cow in t'Whole of Lancashire 3 All These People 4 Devil of a Time 5 Mary's Crocodile 6 Child of a War 7 Codebreakers 8 The Ballad of Lucy Lightfoot 9 In Steam 10 Song Writing Song 11 Underneath the Same Sky Buz Collins (1972-2002) was the son of Dolly and nephew of Shirley Collins, both famous folk singers. The Musicians : Buz Collins : vocals, guitars, bouzouki, mandola, mandolin with 'Crazy Weather', 'Bravest Cow', 'Devil of a Time', Lucy Lightfoot' - Sam Collins : backing vocals 'In Steam' - Mike West : banjo and lead mandolin; Myshkin : rhythm mandolin; Stafford Boat Club : chorus vocals 'Mary's Crocodile' - John Thompson : mandolin 'Crazy Weather' - Amanita Collins : voice Recorded by Andy Robinson at Stafford Boat Club, Stafford. Additional recording at 9th Ward Pickin' Parlour, New Orleans and nb 'Willow', Foxton. Produced by Buz Collins.
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