Faithful Lister by Kerry Dainty Chorus : My over-eager Lister starts every day, I only have to look, and the little sod's away. And as for fuel consumption, just a whiff of diesel oil And my little lad's away for a day of work and toil I rarely see an engine with less than 25 horse When the owner says its 30, they do so with remorse. They say it is too weak to do hard work for a day long Well my Lister he does both and he's 11 horses strong. Chorus Most of the boats now; they sport a massive blade Something less than 30 inches just doesn't make the grade. My little lad's is 20, and in truth it is too large But he still don't have a problem getting Linnet to lead the charge Chorus They say their boats won't handle, they say its so unfair That their boats won't take the corner 'cos the power just ain't there. My boat spins on pennies and she don't really have to try, 'cos to do it; it's not the engine on which she must rely Chorus So next time you cut a corner and get yourself stemmed up, Before you blame your engine, and before you blame your prop Just remember my old Lister and the way he just trogs on So perhaps it weren't your engine, it was you that got it wrong Chorus Tune : The Lark in the Morning
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