Coal, Coal for Manchester by Hugh E Jones Coal only comes to Manchester in cartload's when it's dry, In winter's snow the pot-holes grow, and prices reach the sky. Kept from our work in factories, starving round a hungry hearth, But soon we'll sing, a canal will bring, coal to cost just half. Coal, Coal, for Manchester, by water distribution Coal, Coal, for everyone to start a revolution. From Worsley Delph to Castlefield, The Duke's canal will go, Across the River Irwell then by aqueduct will flow. And we who toil in Manchester will benefit for sure, Fourpence per ton, per mile it'll come, for forty years or more. When the waterway continues into Liverpool's great docks, There'll be cotton bails a-plenty for spinnin' onto cops. We'll clothe the world in cotton, we surely have the skill, And we'll salute the noble Duke, who's coal drives the mill. To Brindley, Gilbert and The Duke, our thanks to you all three, For with your brains and foresight you have gained prosperity. No more we'll clem when winter comes, succeed we surely shall, While barges glide between the sides of the Bridgewater Canal. Words, music and chords can be found in the song-book 'Hughie's Ditty Bag'. Recorded on : Final Fling, The Spinners, EMI Records, CDP 7902022 (1988) Hughie's Ditty Bag, Hughie Jones, Fellside Recordings, FECD81 (1991)
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