Reference Material : Books Strike the Bell Transport by Road, Canal, Rail and Sea in the Nineteenth Century through Songs, Ballads and Contemporary Accounts Selected and edited by Roy Palmer Published by Cambridge University Press (1978) ISBN 0 521 21921 3 Victoria's Inferno Songs of the Old Mills, Mines, Manufactories, Canals and Railways Edited by Jon Raven 192 pages ISBN-13 9780950372235 Canal Songs by Jon Raven Broadside Records (1974). The complete book can be downloaded as a pdf. The Ian Campbell Folk Group Songbook Heathside/Sing (1965) Hughie's Ditty Bag by Hugh E Jones Wee Huge Publications Navvyman by Dick Sullivan Coracle Books (1983) Also available on-line as a Victorian Web book which contains a useful Navvy's Glossary West Midlands' Ballads by Michael Raven Published by Michael Raven (2008) ISBN: 9780906114858 The Unknown Boatman Songbook by Dusty Miller Available from Dave Illingworth More details here Songs of a Navvy by Patrick MacGill A collections of poems/songs first published 1911. Full text available in various formats here Some possible sources for book purchase are given. Books that are out of print may be available from second-hand book sellers. The AbeBooks UK, USA or Australasia web-sites could be a good starting point for those seeking copies.
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