Canals of Old England by Phil Underwood I'm a working boatman I travel afar Deliver your coal wherever you are I've good red diesel to fill up your tank Gas for your oven, wood for your fire Chorus: Chugging along, singing a song, What's round the next bend I'll know before long My hand on the tiller, I'll whistle and sing Canals of Old England Carry Me On My boat is a beauty all seventy feet Straight as an arrow and painted so neat Her name on the side, a cratch of bright red Roses and Castles all round my head I wake up at dawn, break my fast My wife she will cook me a tasty repast Fresh bacon and bread and cheese from the cow A mug of hot tea and I'm ready at last Start up the engine, cast off the lines Cruising along, its all going fine A hold full of coal and a tankful of fuel Our butty behind us, we're making good time The trip boats are many they get in the way Stuck in the locks and taking all day I'll ask them to kindly let me go by I need to keep moving to earn me pay At the end of the day, we tie up to rest Go up to the pub for a pint of the best I'll get out me squeezebox, sing you this song Canals of Old England Carry Me On I'd like to thank Phil Underwood for giving me permission to reproduce his lyrics and use his recording of this excellent song. Phil is a playwright/musician who tours two canal based shows : Roses and Castles and Canals of Old England which are well worth looking out for. In 2020 Phil Underwood and Denise Dryburgh (DryWood) performed an on-line concert (Songs from the Back Cabin) which includes this song. It can be viewed on this website by clicking on the above image.
Songs from the Back Cabin
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