Canal Song by Mark Ayling So many miles away from here a canal lies waiting In the sparkling waters, a reflection of a younger me How I promised that I would return but I will never learn That promises cannot make things happen In my dreams now I see those black waters quietly still, running deep A reflection of age, brick chimneys standing tall These dark figures of ghosts, once so powerful Now left behind to crumble for a joyless end Broken by the occasional headlights shining on graffitied walls That reflect my mind Shining eyes that have seen so much And hide so much In a blink will be shut forever All those hopes and dreams And broken promises Will not haunt me anymore And the hours and hours and hours Of endless loneliness The hours and hours of endless loneliness 'Canal Song' by acoustic punk singer/songwriter Mark Ayling, from the album 'Out Of Step, Out Of Time' (2014).
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