Where the Working Boats Went - Life and Times Wixamtree Recordings WIX052 (2009) 1 The Duke of Bridgewater Meek 2 The Bold Navigators - 3 The Ivel Navigation Meek 4 A Working Boatie Man Meek 5 Carrying the Load Goodman 6 Lock Keepers of the Waterways Meek 7 Narrow Boats to Tow Goodman 8 Push Boys Push Dudley Canal Tunnel Trust 9 Roses and Castles Meek 10 A Bit of a Do Goodman 11 The Row Between the Boaters Meek 12 Finest of Them All Ritchie 13 Banbury White Horse / Four Up (Tunes) Goodman 14 Iced In Goodman 15 Until the Cut Runs Dry Meek 16 A Light at the End of the Tunnel Goodman 17 Where the Working Boats Went Meek Life and Times are Barry Goodman and Graeme Meek. Together they have produced the show 'Where the Working Boats Went' which is about the history of the canals (250 years: 1759-2009). This album contains the songs from that show. My thanks to Graeme and Barry for providing the words and music for all these songs and allowing musical snippets to be used. I can thoroughly recommend this CD. In Feb 2021 Barry Goodman still had copies of the CD for sale. He can be contacted via his website.
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