The Worst on the Cut Words Dusty MilIer (2009) You can hear the crash as the paddles smash When I drop them without a care, Together gates bash as in my mad dash Thru lock after lock I tear. When you’re tucked up snug like a bug in a rug See the beam of my big brass light You’ll awake from the draw half a mile before And the clock says it’s gone midnight. Chorus: I don’t care about what you say, The boats, the loads or the boaters’ way Canal, river, pond or moat I just want some water to float my boat ‘Cause I’m the worst on the cut The worst on the cut The worst on this old cut! Put your pins in tight with all your might ‘Cause my speed will tear them loose They yell “Slow down” all along the pound But I just respond with abuse! In the middle of day while you’re still under weigh I’ll tie at the most pop’lar mooring I’ll settle to see what’s on my TV And my generator runs till the morning. Chorus I don’t care……. But you need not fret for you can bet I’ll get fed up with England’s rain And before I’m too old the boat will be sold Or exchanged for a villa in Spain Chorus I don’t care…….. From the repertoire of DPN+1, this was kindly supplied by Dusty Miller.
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