Working Boatman's Way by David Blagrove Around the pound came the joyful sound Of the motor pulling fair Through the water still, moved the forward swill Of water from a deeply loaded pair In the morning cold, the grey smoke grow‘d From the chimney pots with brazen rims so gay In the early morn when the cruisers yawn Lies a working boatman's way When the boats are fast in the icy blast And the strong nor' easters roar Then we pay the price of the frost and ice In laying up and waiting for a thaw When the credit bills in the cut-side tills Are steadily increasing every day Then it‘s cut by half, pay in cash or starve Is the working boatman's way A worker true who will get them through Is the type the water breeds On a watery rut, like the Moira Cut, Where every turn is full of mud and weeds If the water‘s there we will take our pair No matter what the dismal Jimmies say When they're all in bed we'll be getting 'em ahead That's the working boatman’s way Thanks to Ray Butler for providing corrections to a previously mis-transcribed version and for pointing out that the 'brazen rims' in the first verse are the brass rings around the chimney. Also that the 'Moira cut' which can be found on the Ashby Canal. This was specially written by David Blagrove for the BBC Radio Enterprises Record "Narrow Boats" in 1968. Recorded on :
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