Working Boat by Janul Working boat, working boat, where have you been? Tell us your story, what you have seen? Tell of the hardships, the times you could scream How did it feel for you, what did it mean? What did it mean? Working boat, working boat, tell of your joy Work for the man, the crew girl or a boy Poor cramped conditions we know that annoy Help for the butty, will speed the convoy It will speed the convoy Working boat, working boat, tell of your pain Heavily laden in snow, ice and rain Families in peril again and again Locking in icy winds adds to the strain Adds to the strain Working boat, working boat, how did it feel? Leading a life that was not born to heal None of it play acting, life was for real One step too many, die under steel Die under steel Working boat, working boat, what's it like now? Those who have worked here, they couldn’t see how They still carry coal but are modern somehow A tourist attraction from the stern to the bow From your stern to the bow A song about life on the working boats of the UK canals with a modern twist at the end to recognise that they are now a tourist attraction as well. Recorded on :
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