The Twelve Lock Dublin Canal Come all you dry land sailors and listen to my song. Sure its only got five thousand, three hundred and 28 verses So I won’t detain you long Concerning the advent-i-ours of a good ship under sail When I bloody nearly drowned myself In the twelve lock Dublin Canal. The Captain says to me young man – young man he says to me Would you like to be a Sail-i-or upon the raging seas Would you like to be a Sail-i-or in foreign parts to roam For we are bound for Dublin town with half a ton of dung. The day we set sail oh the weather it was fine As we passed beneath the Bingley Bridge I heard the town clock chime And then we came to the gas works bend a very dangerous part And we ran aground on a lump of coal that wasn’t marked on the chart. Then all became confus-i-on and the stormy wynds did blow The first mate slipped on some orange peel and fell into the hold below "Put on more steam" the Captain cried for we were surely pressed And the engineer from the bank replied “Jesus the horse is doin’ his best” Well we all fell into the water and thought we was done for But a man on the bank threw out his braces and he pulled us into shore. I’m through with all this rovin’ likewise the sailing game And the next time I go to Dublin Town, I’ll go on the bleedin’ train. This song (words and recording) was kindly provided by Pete Wraith who remembers singing it around 1965. Further information would be most welcome.
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