Raise Up Your Glasses by Sue Lee and John Meleady Here's a help to the navigator, big strong and tall Our thanks is to him now for starting it all Through famine it caused him to forfeit his land And seek for employment with a rough navvy band Chorus : So raise up your glasses to canal workers all Our thanks is to you now for starting it all Raise a glass to boat builders, honest and true Their skill as the carpenters known well to you For without their fine narrowboats we'd be stuck in a rut Not masters of the waterways, king of the cut And cheers to the artists and boat painters too With their pots of bright colours, paints: red, green and blue Transforming our working boats roses galore And castles to dream about on every door Good luck to the company who does us employ For we owes them our loyalty each man and boy For they finds us our loads and they pays us our fee There's many a man grumbles but no that's not me To the blacksmith and the farrier, we wish good health Though its from every boater that he makes his wealth Well our fine working horses he keeps them well shod Sure footed and steadfast the towpaths they plod To lock keepers and tollmen, we raise a glass To the landlord and publican, even his lass And to all honest tradesmen along the canal Who water and feed us and treat us right well To the fine honest lengthsmen, we doff our cap All credit to him for preventing mishap Looking after our waterways, keeping them clear Dedicated to the country and jobs they hold dear Now charge up your glasses with good ale and beer And we'll drink a fine toast to each boatman here For we're all honest fellows, narrowboatmen with pride Kings of the waterway stand side by side Recorded on :
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