The Port Dundas Canal Come all ye noble sailors, And listen to my song, If you pay attention, I won’t delay you long; ’Tis all about a ship and crew, What of them did befall, While going away to foreign parts, On the Port-Dundas canal. The captain was a brave old man, He had a noble crew; But being short of a mate and cook He didn’t know what to do. Two loafers who were standing by, Said, "We’ll join your ship and all," So they sailed away that very day, On the Port-Dundas canal. They had not sailed for many days, Till a dreadful storm arose, The mate he threw off his big coat, And up aloft he goes; He thinks the ship is going down, For she is off her course, So he cries to one to jump ashore And try and stop the horse. The sea was running mountains high, And dashed on to the shore, The passengers they all declared, They would ne’er see home more; And one of them fell overboard, And loud for help did bawl; For up to the knees in mud was he, In the Port-Dundas canal. The captain he stood on the deck With a rocket in his hand; The night it was so awful dark, He could not see the land. He put his hand up to his mouth And loudly there did call : "A sail! A sail!" the captain cried, On the Port-Dundas canal. When the passengers and crew did hear, That help was near at hand; They buckled up their trousers, And waded to the land. They all arrived that night, At their own native shore; And each one took a solemn vow, He would go to sea no more. The Port-Dundas Canal’ is a song preserved in a scrapbook entitled Old Glasgow Street Songs etc, 1850 which is held at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow. This comic song is about an ill-fated journey in mountainous seas, on the Forth and Clyde Canal. The canal was less than 10 feet deep. Port Dundas was a terminal port on the Forth and Clyde Canal. Further details can be found on 'The Glasgow Story' web-site.
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