Paddy upon the Canal When I came to sweet Newcastle It happened to be in the fall Never gave way to my rigging Until I landed upon the Canal To look at such terrible rumour It filled my heart with surprise To see such great undertakings The like I never saw with my eyes So farewell father and mother And fare ye well Ireland too So fare you well sister and brother So kindly I bid you adieu I being a poor Irish stranger And knowing not what for to say When the ganger came up in a hurry Saying boys it’s a gay time of day They all stood up in good order You’d thought him father of all I was wishing that very same moment I was dying upon the Canal I fell in love with a farmer’s daughter And she was right proud do you see I caught her right round by the middle And set her right down on my knee That old woman got up in a hurry And loudly began for to bawl Saying get out you saucy big jade For Paddy will prove your downfall The girls they do all love me here Or where ever that I do go There’s Sarah and Betsy and Polly They all do call me her bean The old woman got up in a hurry And loudly began for to bawl Saying we never got good of our daughter Since Paddy came on the canal I learnt the art of Navigation I think it a very fine trade I can handle the pick and the shovel Likewise the wheelbarrow and spade I learnt to be very handy Although I am not very tall I could handle the sprig of shillelagh With ever a boy on the Canal So now to conclude and to finish And publish in every degree I’m just as true hearted an Irishman, As ever your country did see So fill up your glass and be hearty And drink a good health to us all And to every true hearted Irishman That’s digging upon the Canal Words from a broadside inscribed 'Bought Newcastle Race Week 1847'. Reproduced in 'Canal Songs’ by Jon Raven.
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