The Navigator's Song Traditional / Dave & Toni Arthur Come roll up me lads,and you shall have a prize In all parts of the nation. We're all young lads and swaggering blades That work on the navi-navi-gation With our moleskin pants and our square tail coats We tramp throughout the nation, The girls think we're the dandy boys, Who work on the navi-navi-gation And when we leave the town behind, To the husbands' aggravation, The wives all follow the swaggering blades Who work on the navi-navi-gation There's Bankers, Paddys, Scotsmen too There's lads from every nation, The girls all want to jump the broom, With the lads from the navi-navi-gation. Every village we go through, If it should be fair time, We match our dogs and on them bet We're the lads from the navi-navi-gation. And if you're looking for a fight, Don't pick one of our fashion With picks and fists we are the boys, The lads of the navi-navi-gation. If the Tommy shops sell watered beer We'll move our occupation, For we're always sure of the tramping bob, From the lads of the navi-nav-gation. Cecil Sharp collected the first verse and tune of this song. Dave and Toni Arthur wrote the rest of the song. It was printed in 'The Dave and Toni Arthur Song Book' published by Galliard (1970).
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