My Old Water Can by Phil Underwood I've an old water can, it's painted so bold I marvel, it's more than a hundred years old It belonged to me father and me grandad before It carried freah water through peace and through war Chorus : It was made long ago when Victoria was Queen And often I think of the history it's seen It's painted with roses, red, white and blue My old water can, so bright and so true With castles and roses, forget-me-nots too The name of me boat in yellow and blue With sprigs on the hinges, a shield on the spout My old water can I'd not be without Though its dented and worn with a rusty inside My old water can still fills me with pride And it sits up on top as along I do steer And its filled with fond memories of the ones I've held dear Here's a health to the boatmen and women before Who plied the canals in peace and in war And though working boats by road transport were killed My old water can remembers them still Award winning folk/roots musician Phil Underwood is a British singer/songwriter and playwright. Instead of being at the National Waterways Museum for the Easter Boat Gathering 2020, Phil and Denise (DryWood) performed a number of original songs celebrating the traditions and heritage of the English canals from their canal boat as a video recording which can be viewed in full here. The video above is a recording of just this one song. As a canal boatman, Phil Underwood is passionate about the canal system, its history and the communities that live and work on it. He is head of the theatre company Bonnet and Belt which has produced a number of shows about the canals.
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