Manchester Ship Canal (2) When I was young and handsome, lads, as handsome as could be I said good-bye to me mother-in-law, away I went to sea I went aboard the schooner boys, the schooner Mary Anne And we set sail for Walton jail at the Manchester Ship Canal Chorus : Oh, the smoke, the smell on this old canal, the flapping of the sail As we set sail for Walton jail, at the Manchester ship canal I had to work so very hard, we sailed the cut so free Passing by the industry, the smoke and tall chimneys The cut was brown it meant for me I’d soon be out to sea Our next call after this me boys is out by Wallasey The captain was as sailor lad, ne’er been to sea before He knew as much about the sea as the lock on our wash-house door All day he stood on the upper deck, all night he slept below And he paid the crew a lousy screw, I was glad to see him go Now the quality of Mersey boys, it isn’t strained at all It’s full of ships and sea-weed and it tastes like paraffin oil We had to drink it every day for beer we’d never see I scarcely think we’ll get a drink ‘til we get to Wallasey The sleeve notes of the 'Pumpkin Pie' lp (released 1976) don't give a source for this song. Recorded on :
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