Kilcock by Patrick Leo Maguire I'm a mariner bold and me name is Jack Doran, I'm broken and bathered, laid up in dry dock. No more I'll go rovin' where white waves are rollin' I'm anchored for good in the Town of Kilcock. I remember the days when I sailed the salt billow me weather eye open for tempest or rock, but now I'm at reast in that snug little nest the haven of plety, the Town of Kilcock Chorus: Kilcock, Kilcock, where the girls are the prettiest a darlin' wee town when you know your way round The drink is the best and the boys are the wittiest, where in the world could its equal be found. Me last voyage was the worst, 'twas the middle of winter Like Columbus we headed South West and be West In a tempest that threatened our timbers to splinter and me at the tiller in only me vest She rocked and she rolled, and soon from the hold, there came a quare noise and a heart rendin' shock! Then a firkin of Stout started rollin' about and it Labelled 'With Care' to the town of Kilcock Now as Lucan was reached the boys finished the firkin, With me at the tiller half dead with the Drought (Droot), And soon the whole crew under hatches were shirkin' while the lightning played tricks 'round the Spire of Maynooth She shuddered and sank on a shoal off the bank, the mate with a hatchetwas running amok, shoutin' 'Curse that lee shore, I've been here before, but we'll cut through the jungle and make for Kilcock! Chorus To tell you the rest of me sorrowful story would make the salt tears run in streams down your cheek. Sure we covered ourselves both with mud and with glory as we trekked through the jungle for nearly a week We fought wit' wild tribesmen and beasts of the forest and me in me trousers, me vest and one sock. But we hacked through the bush and gave one solid rush and there we were safe in the Town of Kilcock! Chorus The lyrics were kindly provided by Patrick Purcell, son of the Irish actor, the late Noel Purcell. The songwriter Leo Maguire famously wrote ‘The Whistling Gypsy’ and ‘The Dublin Saunter’ (written for Noel Purcell). It may be that this song was also written for Noel Purcell. Among the stage, movie and TV appearances Noel Purcell did in the 30s to the 80s, he recorded this ballad of the 'horrible' journey by barge from Dublin to the 33km distant town of Kilcock on the Royal Canal. It was recorded on the Glenside label in Dublin and released first as a 78rpm record and later as a 45rpm. So far I haven’t located a recording.
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