Does It Get Cold In Winter? by Phil Underwood While cruising on the old canal You're often in a hurry So when you see gongoozlers, Your head begins to worry It takes good time that long for you To reach your journey's end For when you stop the questions start, It drives you round the bend Chorus: Does it get cold in winter in winter? Gongoozleers always cry Does it get cold in winter in winter? It's makes you want to sigh They're always asking questions It's enough to make you to spit Does it get cold in winter? Of course it does, you twit! (On account of it being winter, see) Is it called a long boat? They always ask that question You've answered it a million times It's given you indigestion No, it's not a bleeding long boat 'Cos we're not Vikings, see The only Danish round here is the one we had with tea Chorus While winding up the old lock gate Me windlass slipped and spun It wacked me on my hand I fell down on my bum I was rolling round in agony When I heard a mighty chuckle And a goozler cheerfuly enquired Have you broke your knuckle? Chorus So when you see gongoozlers While cruising on the cut And they start asking questions Don't even pish or tut Just start up your jet engine (Available at all good marine chandlers) And put it on full power And treat them to a narrowboat going at 60 miles per hour Chorus Does it get cold in winter in winter? Does it get cold in winter in winter? Of course it does, you twit! Award winning folk/roots musician Phil Underwood is a British singer/songwriter and playwright. Instead of being at the National Waterways Museum for the Easter Boat Gathering 2020, Phil and Denise (DryWood) performed a number of original songs celebrating the traditions and heritage of the English canals from their canal boat as a video recording which can be viewed in full here. The video above is a recording of just this one song. Phil Underwood is a canal boatman, playwright, actor/musician, singer/songwriter and performer of traditional music. As a boatman, Phil Underwood is passionate about the canal system, its history and the communities that live and work on it. He his head of the theatre company Bonnet and Belt which has produced a number of shows about the canals.
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