Des by Mal Edwards Moored my boat at Wrenbury Mill Went down to the Cotton Arms The landlord's name was Des his wife was Liz She was full of charm Des pulled me a pint of bitter It was not quite full to the brim I said "Des are you religious Or is there a vicar within?" He said "The reason I haven't filled it, I think about customers like you You talk too much, you drink too much Then you pee it all out in the loo" I said "Des you old skinflint Please fill up my pint I've paid you good money And the customers always right" He said "shut up or get out Or get up on your bike Or play me a game of dominoes We'll see if the customer's right" So we sat down at the table Des won first drop Leslie was on the marker board While Brett watched the shop I won the first hand Des won number two We got to the decider But we had to go to the loo When we returned to the table The stake it was a pound The dominoes were shuffled And we started the final round Des dropped the five four I'd four one in my hand Two was all I needed Wasn't it bloody grand I rammed the dom down on the table I've won you owe me a pound Which he paid up no trouble and said It's your turn to buy the next round So if you go to the Cotton Arms And you order up a pint Just drink it up and walk away For the customers never right Just drink it up and walk away For the customers never right Recorded on :
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