Castles and Roses by John Harris (2017) Chorus : I'll paint you a castle, I'll paint you a rose I'll paint you a cottage where still water flows A cottage with violets and a small garden too To spend all our days - the horse, me and you No time to stop, we work dawn to dusk The horse needs to rest but push him we must The kids take their turn to lead or to steer It's a life on the water from their very first year Chorus The horse will be resting, not toiling away In a meadow of wild flowers the children will play We'll sip old ale and live out our days Grow our own foodstuff in old fashioned ways Coda : We have a dream both me and you But it's only a painting, It'll never come true My thanks to John Harris who wrote this song in 2017 for a show entitled "Coal & Canals". The recording features Anne Beeson on vocals backed by the Zouch Band.
Sung by Anne Beeson
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