Birmingham-on-Sea I sing the song of Birmingham, of Birmingham-on-Sea For that they say is what she is, in days to come to be The times are bad, the riddle is, when better shall we see Canal locks have been picked and so let’s hope we’ll get a quay Chorus : Rejoice, rejoice ye unemployed, there soon will be a glut Of brand new trades for Birmingham, although ’twill be through cut The shortest cut to seaboard is our old canal, of course The stake is there, it only wants a little Worcester source The question really is not more than one of willing banks That must give rise to enterprise the age is one of cranks And cranks and cogs must supercede the bargee’s horse and whip And Birmingham in launching out of course must launch her ship For months and months she suffered from depression she can’t hide And hide with her means seek and so she wants a turn of tide Chorus In Worcester Walk we’ll have a beach as good as that of Wales They weave our beach in Temple Row, of course a beach with sails A cliff we’ve got in Bennett’s Hill, a cave is there as well And daily if you care to look you’ll see the New Street swell The gas department breezes finds as fresh as those of Rhyll And as for shingle put your hand into the borough till Time will provide the sand and shells the guardians keep in stock That folk may snug at anchor ride within the Witton dock Chorus I sing the song of Birmingham, of Birmingham-on-Sea For that they say is what she is, in days to come to be Sleeve notes from 'Brummagem Ballads' : During the late 19th century the prospects of making inland towns and cities 'canal seaports' was again being projected. This song almost certainly refers to the proposed Birmingham Ship Canal; in 1886 there was a 'Committee for the Improvement of Canal Communications between Birmingham and the Bristol Channel'. Worcester source - link between Worcester and the Bristol Channel. Source - Brummagem Ballads - No.6, The Town Crier, March 1886. Birmingham Reference Library. Tune, Four Drunken Maidens, selected by Jon Raven. Researched : A Dunsford, J Raven. Recorded by ‘The Farriers’ on :
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