Tragedy at the Tunnel - The Falling Embers 1 White Butterflies 2 Goodbye 3 The Trial of Cissy Cox 4 Asylum Beckons 5 The Boatman’s Tale 6 White Butterflies (original track) Spurned from the song ‘White Butterflies’, Tragedy at the Tunnel is a true story of infanticide, destitution, hope and local unrest at Coseley in the Black Country where, in 1901, Hannah Cox was tried and convicted of the drowning of her two children in the canal near Coseley Tunnel on the Birmingham Canal Navigations (Main Line). The album is a collaboration of musical Ideas and storytelling with Roy Griffiths and Allen Smith. Roy Griffith on Vocal and Melodeon Allen Smith on Vocal, Acoustic guitar, Midi Keyboard Released 11 January 2019 and available on Bandcamp.
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