Manchester Ballads - Mark Dowding & Chris Harvey 1 The Soldier’s Farewell To Manchester 2 Mr Sadler’s Balloon 3 An End Of The Forestaller’s Roguery 4 Ryley’s Ramble 5 Jone o’ Grinfilt 6 The Meeting At Peterloo 7 New Bayley Treadmill 8 A New Song Called The Way To Strike Home 9 Manchester’s Improving Daily 10 Johnny Green’s Trip Fro’ Owdham To See The Manchester Railway 11 Country Chap’s Adventures Down A Coal Pit 12 Tinker’s Gardens 13 A New Song On The Great Demonstration, which is to made on Kersal Moor 14 Manchester’s An Altered Town 15 Manchester At Twelve o’Clock 16 A Humourous And Interesting Dialogue 17 A New Song, Or A Visit To Knott Mill Fair 18 The Spinner’s Lamentation 19 Seaport Town of Manchester 20 Millgate in 1853 21 The Returned Convict; or the horrors of transportation 22 Oldham Workshops 23 The Manchester Exhibition 24 Rag Bag 25 The Telegraph Girls in Cannon Street 26 The Sewing Machine 27 Victoria Bridge On a Saturday Night 28 The Spinners’ Lamentation 29 Our Factory School 30 The Calico Printer’s Clerk 31 Execution of Allen, Gould, & Larkin 32 The Great Flood 33 A New Song On The Carters’ and Railway Servants’ Strike 34 The Hero Of Belle Vue Gaol 35 New Song on the Proposed Ship Canal The CD can be purchased from Mark Dowding's web-site which contains details of all of his recordings.
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