Lower the Funnel Songs of the Inland Waterways Folktrax CD418 (Original cassette release 1988) 1 The Cruise of the Calabar - 2 Lower Y'ur Funnel - 3 Maa Bonny Lad - 4 The Keel Row - 5 Dirty Old Town - 6 The Shropshire Union Canal Martin Graebe 7 The Irish Rover - 8 The Man at the Nore - 9 The Mary Ann McHugh Percy French 10 The Candlelight Fisherman - 11 Row, Boatman, Row - 12 The Water is Wide - 13 The London Waterman - 14 Yus, I Luvs 'Im - 15 Old Joe, The Boat Is Going Over - 16 Stormy Weather Boys - 17 Fine Girl You Are - This compilation of recordings by Peter Kennedy (Folktrax) was originally released as a cassette - produced especially for the opening of the National Waterways Museum in Gloucester Docks on 1st April 1988 . The sub-heading of this release is variously 'Songs of the Inland Waterways' or 'Music of the Canals and Waterways' but both are rather misleading. Only three tracks are specifically to do with the inland waterways with the rest a rather motley collection of songs and tunes relating to rivers and coastal boating. With Peter Kennedy's death in 2006 Folktrax recordings ceased to be available in the UK. For a few years they could still be obtained from Camsco Music in the USA but this is no longer the case.
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