I'm a Hotel Boater - Barry Watson and Friends Blind Lemon Blues Records BLB 4 (2001) 1 I'm a Hotel Boater B. Watson 2 Hooked on Canals B. Watson 3 Tell Everybody I Know K. Moore 4 Rock the Boat H. Teesink 5 Wigan Pier J. Winstanley 6 Love Yourself K. Moore 7 Nuts Trad. arr B. Watson 8 Where the Boats Cross the Land H. Teesink 9 Rochdale Nine F. Rogers 10 Clyde J.J. Cale 11 Last Trip B. Watson 12 Manchester Super Mare Trad. arr B. Watson 13 Get Back B. Broonzy/B. Watson 14 Donald A. Stewart/N. Grant 15 Angelina G. Grapper/K. Moore Transcribing the song lyrics are on the ‘to do’ list.
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