The English Canals Song, Narration, Contemporary Extracts Broadside Records KBRO 118 (1976) The original lp record contains three programmes originally broadcast on 'Folkweave', BBC Radio 1 and 2 in 1975. The programmes, each lasting approximately 22 minutes, tell the story of the construction, use and decline of the English canal system during the period from the mid-18th century to the present day. The story is told using contemporary extracts, historical documents and songs. Researched and written : Jon Raven Narration : Jon Raven Readings : Jon Raven and John Kirkpatrick Songs : John Kirkpatrick, Sue Harris, Jon Raven The narration is interspersed with songs which are listed below. Most featured on The Bold Navigators recording released a year earlier which also featured John Kirkpatrick, Sue Harris and Jon Raven. A CD version was at one time available on the internet though I don’t know who produced it. As it no longer seems to be available the full recording has been made available on this site. 1 Come Now Begin Delving (0:00) - 2 The Navvy Boy (5:13) - 3 The Bold Navigators (11:57) - 4 Birmingham Lads (19:35) - 5 The Tommy Note (25:00) - 6 Wakes Week Song (4:25) 7 Keep Yer 'Ands Off (6:35) 8 Manchester Ship Canal (10:35) - 9 Push Boys Push (16:45) Dudley Canal Tunnel Trust 10 The Rosemary (22:20) Pete Dodds
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