Violet Sarah

by Cloudstreet



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We are travelling through a town this day and must have bread
And it's "Where can I find a good baker in this town?" she said
When we have supplies on board we shall both thirsty be
And it's "Where can I find a good alehouse in this town?" said she

Chorus :
On the Violet Sarah, Violet Sarah
Beauty of the cut, jewel of the travelling waters
On the Violet Sarah, Violet Sarah
Beauty of the cut, jewel of the travelling water

In the Beehive Tavern by the towpath on the right
We will sample the finest of real ale, pint by pint
In the Beehive Tavern there's a ale called 'Doug's Delight'
And it tastes of the raspberries in summer, honey and sunlight


Do you see that cool white swan with trailing cygnets three
She comes asking for scraps at the galley, snapping visciously
Don't through ought into the cut for cygnet or for duck
Nor to wash in the vile green water only brings bad luck


Climbing through the hedgerow not a mile or three from Bath
We go dancing along in the meadow all above the path
Down the reedy bank unto the river's shady brim
We can hear that the Avon is calling us to come and swim


Nancy, dearest Nancy do not fall into the drink
As you're painting the name on your vessel toes upon the brink
Don't be so foul-tempered dearest Nancy dripping wet
With a bruise like a blackberry and a mouthful of regret


Sitting in the bar we sing the 'Green Man' song again
And with pride that all afternoon we sing hundreds of green men
Don't break my green man, don't break my green man
Don't break my plaster cast of him, I like him a lot

Written by the Australian folk duo Cloudstreet (John Thompson and Nicole Murray) and recorded on their 2006 album Violet Sarah and Muckle John.