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Twenty five years on the waterway, is a long, long time
Rising at three when the sun's still asleep and all the canal can be mine!
But watching the dawn on that cold autumn morn, it never occurred to me
That day would see the death of me and the end of the old Tilbury

Chorus :
Move on, Tilly, let's finish the job and we're free
If only I'd known, that cold dreary morn, held the fate of the old Tilbury

Pullaway from the wharf up in Islington, Masters' Boswell, Edwards and me
Point the bow west and we'll follow the rest of the train, in the old Tilbury
As we moved through the ark, towards Regent's Park with the 'Ready', the 'Jane' and the Dee
The explosion occurred and everyone heard, the end of the old Tilbury

The wife will be waiting, expecting me home, busy preparing the tea
She was not aware, a great crash in the air, was the end of the old Tilbury
Five tons of powder, a boat made of wood, the hold ran with petrol and tea
They'll never know why the flames in the sky, meant the death of the old Tilbury
The story tells the story of a canal barge explosion on the Regent Canal in 1874. More detail here.

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