'The Unknown Boatman' Song Book

with songs from the canal repertoire of


Compiled and Edited by Dusty Miller





36 pages contain the words and chords for 22 songs from the canal repertoire of the group DPN+1 including 'The Unknown Boatman'. The book contains a number of full colour illustrations and information about the group who have been playing together for some considerable time, with canal related material entering their repertoire in 1999. This is an excellent little book which is well worth acquiring if you have an interest in canal songs.

DPN+1 are Pete "PeeWee" Blowers, Norman Fairey, John "Chick" Hayward and Dave Illingworth.

The songbook can be obtained from Dave Illingworth for £5.50 (inc p&p) from the following address : 14 Manor Gardens, Merton Park, London SW20 9AB. Please makes cheques payable to 'Mr D Illingworth'.

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