The Unknown Boatman


The Unkown Boatman




1Stuck On My Boating LifeHaywood
2There Lies An Old MotorDixon/Dusty/Miller
3Narrowboatman BluesIllingworth/Miller
4The Ballad of the Brothers GunnTrad/Haywood
5Narrowboatman AgainClachan
6The Unknown BoatmanMurphy/Miller
7 Canal Street Blues (instrumental) Oliver/Armstrong
8Do They Know, Do They Care? Miller/Illingworth
9The End of a Boating DayBlowers

DPN+1 are Pete "PeeWee" Blowers, Norman Fairey, John "Chick" Hayward and Dave Illingworth. This CD was produced with the encouragement of Dusty Miller, Canal Artist, who painted the cover picture and provided the narrowboat 'Foreward' whose engine features on track 3.

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