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1Rough Neck Navvy Band Lee/Meleady
2 Cargoes Lee/Meleady
3 Collier Lass Trad
4 Blood, Sweat, No Tears Lee/Meleady
5 Charlie ?
6 Peg 'n' Awl  
7 My Boatman Lee
8 Telford's Bridge Warner
9 The Judgement ?
10 Dirty Boaties Lee/Meleady
11 Darling Lizzie Lee/Meleady
12 My Dad ?
13 Isabella ?
14 Raise Up Your Glasses Lee/Meleady
A selection of songs from Keepers Lock's four CDs released 1997-2003 whose full details are elsewhere on this website. The line-up changed slightly during that time. Most recently the members of Keepers Lock were Suzie Litton-Wood and John Meleady. They have kindly given permission for the song lyrics to be included on this site. My thanks to them. Though they have recently (Sept 2018) decided to stop performing, copies of their five CDs (which are highly recommended by this web-master) are available directly by contacting them via Suzie is also the author of ‘Our Josh’ which is a story of a canal family set at the outset of WWI.

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