Park and Glide

© Alec M Hay



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I like to drive to town on a Saturday,
But when it's gridlocked, I wish there was another way
If you can find a place to park you'll be ok,
But all too often it's a motorised melée

Wouldn't it be nice to get somewhere
You could move along but in the fresh air
The roads could get jammed up but you wouldn't care
You'll be in the country going elsewhere

Chorus :
I've found a way to move without wheels
In between the banks you're just above the fish and eels!
It's so much better, it's a cool, smooth ride.
Just park your car, get on a boat and glide!

Come on, get aboard it's a sweet, sweet dream,
Chugging up the river with your ice cream;
Feel the relaxation in your bloodstream
You can be contented in the extreme!

We've got the river; we've got the plans,
This can help reduce the damage made by man.
Instead of bringing in your smoky van;
You can soon become a waterway fan.
In his sleeve notes Alec Hay writes: 'This was intended as an anthem for Somerset Waterlink's bid to gain lottery funding in the December 2007 televised vote. One of the ideas is irresistible - leave your car a mile or so outside the town, step on a vessel which takes you down the river Tone to almost the centre of Taunton, do your bit of shopping in a relaxed mood, then back on board for a leisurely chug back - "Park and Glide". No parking hassles!'

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