Mist on the Water


Mist on the Water




1 Losin' My Blues Tonight Dusty/Miller
2 There's Something in the Cutting Miller/Illingworth
3 I've Been Everywhere Mack/Miller
4 Braunston Junction Bound Trad/Ledbetter/Miller
5 Leave Him in the Meadows Dixon/Dusty/Miller
6 Curley Wyrley Blues Blowers
7 The Worst on the Cut Miller/Illingworth
8 A Windlass and Memories Miller/Illingworth
9 Big Diesel Blues Miller
10 The Mystery Load Miller
11 Who Stole the Lock? Troy/Williams/Miller
12 The Last Man Standing Miller/Illingworth

DPN+1 are Pete "PeeWee" Blowers, Norman Fairey, John "Chick" Hayward and Dave Illingworth. This CD was produced more than a decade after "The Unknown Boatman". The mix is, as before, some in the folk tradition, some canal reworkings of songs by the late great Aussie singer Slim Dusty, a bit of good-time jazz, blues and skiffle, plus a monologue by Dusty Miller (who wrote the words to all the songs). The words and chords of 22 of Dusty's songs can be found in "The Unknown Boatman Songbook". Both are available from Dave Illingworth (dillingworth14@btinternet.com)

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