Memories of the Waterways

Various Artists (2013)

Mist on the Water

A CD compiled as part of the Alrewas Canal and Music Festival (2013) to celebrate the first year of the Canal & River Trust.




Track Song Title Artist
1 Roses & Castles Geoff Summerfield
2 I Know That I'll Be Back Again Benny Graham/Jeff Dennison
3 Narrowboatman Blues DPN+1
4 Song of the Waterways Ian Bruce
5 Life on the Waterways Geoff Summerfield
6 Darling Lizzie Keepers Lock
7 The Narrowboat (Instrumental) Andy Bole
8 The Aqueduct Song Arthur Marshall
9 Cargoes Keepers Lock : Sue Lee
10 Serendipity Chris & Katherine Newcombe
11 Travelling Man Arthur Marshall
12 They're Coming Back to the Water Benny Graham & Jeff Dennison
13 My Waterway World Ian Bruce
14 I'm a Narrowboatman Again DPN+1
15 Dirty Boaties Keepers Lock : Sue Lee
16 Cut Waltz (Instrumental) Tim Van Eyken
17 Where the Working Boats Went Life and Times
18 The Unknown Boatman DPN+1
19 I Met A Girl Geoff Summerfield
20 Raise Up Your Glasses Keepers Lock : Sue Lee


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