Keepers Lock

Lock Music KLCD 003 (2000)




1Introduction and Narration Vickers
2Rough Neck Navvy Band Lee/Meleady
3Banks of the NileTrad
4Called to ArmsLee/Meleady
5Joshua Ridley (narrative)Lee
6Our JoshLee
7Bargees March AwayLee/Meleady
8Billy (narrative)Vickers
9Darling LizzieLee/Meleady
10Jack Bishop (narrative)Vickers
11Training the Land Girls' ArmyLee/Meleady
12Sammy's Gone to WarLee
13Yesterday's HeroesAndrews
14The Bright New Future SongLee/Trad

"Keepers Lock on this their third album, provide us with yet another amazing opportunity to look back in time at the lives of those men and women who carved a niche for themselves, living and working on the canals of England. From the mid-eighteenth century, when England was deeply involved in war with France and many other campaigns, right up until the last World War (1939-45), canals have played a huge part in the shaping of our history.
Memories, an intimate window on the past, looking through the eyes of those people who were affected by the times and tides of war. Each song painting an evocative picture of the period it represents. From the far off navvies and bankers, the boatmen, number ones and company men (and boys), the lock gate keepers, toll collectors, wharfingers, lengthsmen and all the others who went off blithely believing that war was the way to a better future. To the wives, daughters, sweethearts and sisters left behind to carry on the work - regardless."

On this recording Keepers Lock were John Meleady, Barry Vickers and Sue Lee. Most recently the members of Keepers Lock were Suzie Litton-Wood and John Meleady. They have kindly given permission for the song lyrics to be included on this site. My thanks to them. Though they have recently (Sept 2018) decided to stop performing, copies of their five CDs (which are highly recommended by this web-master) are available directly by contacting them via Suzie is also the author of ‘Our Josh’ which is a story of a canal family set at the outset of WWI.

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