Lass of Coventry



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It was a lass of Coventry
As fair as fair could be
And on a Sunday evening
She walked along with me

I asked and she gave consent
She was as good as gold
How little did I ever think
That she could grow so cold

Now Jane fulfil your promises
The promise you made to me
Or I will turn a boating man
And sail away from thee

O Tom she said a-crying
My heart will burst in two
For I love Jim, the carpenter
As once I did love you

Now all you gay young boating men
Whose hearts are broke in twain
I pray you keep yourselves aboard
And never come home again

From stop to stop you'll meet with girls
Who are both kind and free
But the girls of this old England
Will never get hold of me
They'll never get hold of me

In the sleeve notes to Straight from the Tunnel's Mouth David Blagrove writes : Several 19th century writers refer to the boatman's habit of enlivening the passage of long tunnels by singing sad ballads. William Black heard this version and mentions it in 'Strange Adventures of a Houseboat'.

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