The End of a Boating Day

by Peter "Pee Wee" Blowers



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Mist on the water, the ripples flow by
Mauve and pink in the evening sky
Mallard are calling then silence descends
Another indelible boating day ends

Far in the distance I see shadows loom
Vague shapes of boats emerge from the gloom
A faint splash of water is all you can hear
From the leaky old lock gate or maybe the weir

Birds at their roost still rustling the leaves
A dabbling moorhen exploring the reeds
Blue wafts of smoke from a narrowboat float
Through the cool air of evening and up to our boat

From scenes such as this I'll never tire
Tranquil scenes that can only inspire
The daylight is fading but I see from afar
The sign of a pub and its welcoming bar

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