Darling Lizzie

by Sue Lee and John Meleady



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It was back in the thirties,
My first solo load,
When first I saw Lizzie,
Up the Gas Ferry Road
I thought her so handsome
And I thought her so fine
It was then I decided
To make that girl mine!

It was seven weeks later
When I saw her again
As I tied up one evening
In the cold wind and rain
She was carrying water
In two Buckbby cans
As she trudged up the towpath
I offered my hands

As she lifted her face and
Her eyes they met mine,
I knew I would love her
'Til the end of all time,
But she thanked me so kindly
As she passed on her way
And pledged in that moment
I'd wed her one day

Well I saw her at Easter
And again on May Day
As our boats passed each other
In the opposite way
Lizzie smiled when she saw me
And my hopes they did fly
Only to flounder
As our boats passed on by

But it wasn't until Christmas
That we met up again
And it seemed like a lifetime
As I whispered her name
A decision I made then
And the courage I found
To tell her that I loved her
And to ask for her hand

So I walked straight up to her
Praying she'd be kind
And I poured out my heart to her
And I told her my mind
Then all in that moment
She changed my wholelife
Lizzie held out her hands to me
Saying she would be my wife!
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