A Cut Through Time

Keepers Lock


Lock Music KLCD 002 (1998)




1Overture Trad
2Lancashire Working ManBell
3 Gout builds a Canal (narrative) Vickers
4Up the LadderBradfield
5Iron RoadBradfield
6Collier LassLee/Trad
7 Industry's Wife (narrative) Vickers
8Keeping the Boats AheadBradfield
9My BoatmanLee
10The Legger's SongLee
11 Lock Gate Keeping (narrative) Vickers
12Water GypsiesBradfield
13No Use for Him Bogle
14Goodbye to the CanalsLee

"In this their second album, depicting the life and times of the canal boat people, Keepers Lock take us on a journey back through time with an entirely new collection of colourful songs and stories. From the grim realiities of the Industrial Revolution, the living hell of the coal mines and iron works, to the canals where life was not without its dangers. Living in a cabin, eight foot by six foot, obviously had its drawbacks. However, breathing the clean fresh air of the countryside for most of their eighteen hour working days, certainly seemed an awful lot healthier!"

On this recording Keepers Lock were John Meleady, Ray Bradfield, Sue Lee and Barry Vickers. Most recently the members of Keepers Lock were Suzie Litton-Wood and John Meleady. They have kindly given permission for the song lyrics to be included on this site. My thanks to them. Though they have recently (Sept 2018) decided to stop performing, copies of their five CDs (which are highly recommended by this web-master) are available directly by contacting them via keeperslock@virginmedia.com. Suzie is also the author of ‘Our Josh’ which is a story of a canal family set at the outset of WWI.

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