by Mal Edwards



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I was cruising to Llangollen one lovely summers day
I hadn't a care in this world as I went on my way
Then I met a skinhead girl on another boat on the cut
She had massive biceps and a tattoo on her nut

Well she must have been the captain for she bellowed at her crew
Fetch me up some beer, and my roll-ups too
She had holes in leggings and a jumper baggy and loose
And on her feet she had no laces in her boots

She stood six foot four and not a one inch less
So be quite honest she looked a sodding mess
Then she shoved her tiller over and collided with my boat
I nearly fell overboard, it was no sodding joke

I said lady you're supposed to pass me on the right
But she rolled up her sleeves and stood waiting for a fight
She said I'll break your bleeding neck yes she shouted out aloud
For behind her on the towpath was gathering quite a crowd

She tried to board my boat but slipped over on her bum
So I grabbed the opportunity to take my chance and run
With one hand on the tiller and the other on the throttle
To be quite honest I'd lost all of my bottle

So I revved up my engine and shot away quite quick
I could hear her behind me giving me loads of stick
So next time you cruise to Llangollen on a lovely summer's day
Avoid those skinhead women and watch what you say
Avoid those skinhead women and watch what you say
Notes to be added.
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