by Sue Lee and John Meleady



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Sugar for the jam hole up at Preston Brook
Chocolate crumb for Ovaltine, we never gets a look
China clay for Wedgewood up in the Potteries
To make fine cups and saucers for English ladies' teas

Chorus :
The coal we carries everywhere to Manchester and Brum
We carries it in sackloads, delivered by the ton
It fills our holds, it fills our hair, the bloody dust gets everywhere
It drives us boaties to despair, dirty filthy coal

Timber for the matchworks up in Gloucester town
Iron from Welsh founderies, we helped to bring it down
Fine cotton lords in London from mills of Lancashire
To make the fancy fol-de-rols for gentry folk to wear

Smelter up to Birmingham fills boat and butty too
Stainless steel from Sheffield, fine cutlery for you
And cloth made by the weavers, we brings it out of Stroud
To make plus fours and waistcoats for gamekeepers proud

From salt works up in Cheshire in casks we brings it down
In Coventry we load bricks, from Bath we carry stone
But in Limehouse we load tea straight from sailing ships so tall
It's the cargo boaties likes the best, we drinks it one and all

My thanks to Keepers Lock for permission to use the video.

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