The Bold Navigators


The Story of England's Canals in Song

Jon Raven, John Kirkpatrick, Sue Harris, Gary and Vera Aspey,

Sixteen of the tracks listed below were issued in 1975 on an LP by Tradition Sound Recordings (TSR 019).

This was re-issued, with two additional tracks(*) by Brian Peters and Ian Woods, on a CD in 1999 by Fellside Recordings (FTSR4)


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1The Stour-
2Come Now Begin Delving-
3The Navvy Boy-
4The Bold Navigators-
5Canal Fever-
6Leeds - A Seaport Town-
7The Manchester Ship Canal Navvy * -
8Manchester Ship Canal-
9Bring The Sea To Manchester * -
10Birmingham Lads-
11All Hail This Grand Day-
12The Captains Of The Waterways-
13The Cruise Of The Calibar-
14Keep Yer 'Ands Off-
15The Tommy Note-
16Poor Old Horse-
17Push Boys PushDudley Canal Tunnel Trust
18The RosemaryPete Dodds